TRND - About Us

TRND: TheRealNeverDie started off as a lifestyle brand in 2014 in Houston, Tx by Saint Louis Designer LeeTheSensei based off four pillars; Truth, Passion, Creativity & Peace. Designs focused on abstraction, color analysis, typography and symbolism displayed on a number of unisex products (I.e tees, sweaters, hoodies, hats, etc.) Targeted toward the artistic and creative crowd.

Today the brand has evolved to a music oriented brand that pays homage to the lost artists and musicians that paved the way for today’s creative realms. Familiarized by their eye catching hoodies and jackets that typically feature a 3-D material and inspiration affirmations.

Founder and Designer LeeTheSensei currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Sensei has developed relationships with artists, musicians, and producers, establishing himself as a thought leader and influencer in the local art scene of Houston & Dallas, in addition to his roots in St. Louis. From the Dojo, you can see #TRNDed artistry that encompasses the values of the brand, from musical projects to apparel and beyond.

We welcome you to the Realm of the Real. We welcome you with love. Our designs live in God and in the Real, and when it’s real, it’s forever. The Real Never Die.

"On the path of enlightenment
you shall be judged, your faith will be tested.
As long as you stay true,
The real shall never die."
~ Sensei